Ellinwood and UWCK

The United Way of Central Kansas hosted their 2nd annual Ellinwood Tailgate Kickoff at the first Ellinwood Eagle home game this past weekend. Not only did the Eagles get the victory, so did UWCK thanks to the support of all those who came out to join us. UWCK raised nearly $1600, double what was raised last year, to support the Community Impact Programs in Ellinwood. These programs include: Dolly Parton's Imagination Library which provides free books monthly for kids age 0-5, Reality U-a reality check about real life for 8th graders, Literacy Kits for pre-k students to practice with before hitting Kindergarten in the fall, and Boxes of Love-Valentines Day boxes full of goodies for home-bound seniors.

We would not have had the success we had without the support of our sponsors-H & B Communications, Ellinwood Family Foods, Ellinwood Packing Plant, Extreme Ice, Gather, and Sunflower Bank. 

Also at the football game, UWCK presented hand made posters to local businesses that were drawn by 5th grade students last year. Gail Demel, Executive Director of UWCK goes into each of the schools and talks to the 5th grade students about United Way and how they can already start making a difference in their community. They are then asked to draw a poster depicting what they learned. The awarded students and local businesses were:

Ethan Schlochtermeier presenting his poster to Extreme Ice

Shyria Quintana presenting her poster to Sunflower Bank

Kyndal Moore presenting her poster to Chris and Cari Ringwald

United Way of Central Kansas is proud of the work that we do in Ellinwood and we love seeing Ellinwood residents joining together for the common good.