Impact Grant Application


2024 Impact Grant flyer xThe United Way of Central Kansas Impact Grant Program will make awards of up to $1,000 per year to a non-profit organization serving Barton or Pawnee Counties based upon the submission of a simple one-page application and applicable documents. The total awarded throughout the year will not exceed $5,000.

Applicants must be engaged in the work of Health, Education, or Financial Stability.

They must be a governmental agency program or a 501©3 non-profit organization. No grants are made to individuals.

Applicants should apply for the amount needed, and will be asked to substantiate that the amount requested is the amount needed. In no case should the amount requested exceed $1,000.

Impact Grant applications will be accepted any time during the year. Applications will be reviewed in May and November. Funding will be awarded based on a scoring system reflecting UWCK funding priorities. 

Impact Grants will not be awarded for event sponsorships. These funds are to be used for specific programs or projects.

Priority funding will be given to projects that present innovative approaches to meeting the health and human services needs of our community. Other factors for funding consideration include measurable outcomes, programs that meet currently unmet needs, and the organization’s ability to secure funds to continue the project (if applicable).

UWCK cannot meet every community need. Funding will not be considered for the following: annual fund drives, building funds, operating deficits or after the fact support, direct or grass roots lobbying, religious purposes, hospitals or medical facilities, medical research, academic research, or events sponsorships.

Organization Information
Has your organization received funding from UWCK in the last 12 months?
Is this a new program?
What county(ies) will your project/program serve?
If your request is only partially funded by UWCK, will your program be able to move forward?
Will you be collecting data to measure outcomes?
Upload requirements
Upload requirements