CPR Kits Presented to USD 355

United Way of Central Kansas presented Hands Only CPR Kits to the Ellinwood School District at the most recent Board Meeting.

When a person has a cardiac event, survival depends on immediately receiving CPR and/or use of an AED if available, from someone nearby. CPR, if performed immediately, can double and sometimes triple a cardiac victim’s chance of survival.

Most Americans-as high as 70%-feel helpless to act during a cardiac emergency because they do not know how to administer CPR, are fearful of injuring the victim, or feel uncomfortable with mouth-to-mouth contact. Less than half of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims receive bystander CPR.

Schools are an excellent delivery system to implement training. Increasing the comfort level of performing hands only CPR among the student population and graduating millions of potential lifesaving by-standers each year.

United Way of Central Kansas is proud to donate an American Heart Association CPR in Schools Training Kit to USD 355. This kit was possible thanks to a grant fulfillment from Golden Belt Community Foundation. The students practice on a mannequin while watching skills performed correctly on the training DVD, a research-proven way to learn and retain lifesaving CPR skills. Brittney Glenn, Ellinwood EMS Director, will be working with Mr. Cook, Mr. Schoendaler, and Mr. Cherry to coordinate the training in the Ellinwood schools.

“Not only are we excited to partner with USD 355, but welcome Ellinwood EMS as trainers and instructors. We are proud of the level of skill and talent within the Ellinwood EMS crew.” Gaila Demel, UWCK Executive Director.