What is Reality U?


Reality U, a program from The Pando Initiative.  United Way of Central Kansas has brought together businesses, volunteers, and teachers to present to the 8th grade students a glimpse of what their life will be like at 26. 

Students took a short online test with questions about their GPA, what they hope to be, whether or not they will be married, and if they want to have children.  These questions helped the program Reality U determine how much the students will be earning and their life situation at age 26.  Reality strikes and it is time to go shopping for the necessities in life.  Throughout the day students will go to each of 12 booths including car insurance, childcare, utilities, housing, medical, and utilities.  At each of these booths, they will have decisions to make about how much of their money they can spend and what they need.  If they go over budget, they will have to figure out where they can cut to make sure that they are within their budget.  There will also be a “Chance” booth where they will roll the dice and they may have to replace a hot water heater or have a broken leg that they haven’t budgeted for.  These booths will be ran by our sponsors and local volunteers who gave up their time to be a part of this project.

                Other sessions that the students will take part in include The Reality of High School, with local high schoolers talking about their experiences; The Reality After High School, with community members 26-32 years old talking about what their life is like now and what they would have done differently in high school and college. Other breakout sessions include: Where Did My Money Go, Keep Calm and Make a Plan will be presented by high school counselors, Barton Community College will be there to discuss how to prepare for college and representatives from Teen Court will be there to talk about The Cost of Delinquency. 

For more information, check out our video: